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Open Government Ecosystem: Way Forward for Russia

Download the presentations:
Jeff Kaplan [Eng][Rus]
Carlo Rossotto [Eng][Rus]
Andrew Stott [Eng][Rus] 
Gregory Asmolov [Rus]
Begtin [Rus]
Mikhail Bunchuk [Rus]
Perm [Rus]
Izabela Correa [Eng]
Cristiano Ferri Faria [Eng]
Tatiana Ershova, Yuri Hohlov & Sergei Shaposhnik [Eng][Rus]
Tiago Peixoto [Eng]

Open Government is increasingly perceived as a new paradigm for ICT-enabled government transformation offering a number of instruments for improved governance, transparency and innovation. Russia has already made a substantive progress in e-government and has taken practical steps to implement an Open Government framework.
This workshop is aimed at supporting key stakeholders in Russia in their efforts to build the different components of an ecosystem around Open Government innovations by bringing international expertise as well as highlighting relevant work in Russia. The workshop will focus on how the Open Government ecosystem can be linked with the existing efforts in the area of e-government and leverage existing Open Government initiatives at the federal and regional levels in Russia; how it can be used to grow citizen engagement, improve public services and grow new businesses; and how a policy of “Open Innovation”, encouraging citizens’ and businesses’ engagement in the design and delivery of socially relevant services, can save money and improve outcomes. It will both showcase achievements and strategic plans in Russia and discuss the latest world-wide developments in this fast-moving field.
The workshop will be designed and delivered by the World Bank and ODTA in partnership with the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Russian regional authorities as well as other partners in Russia and internationally.
The workshop will feature senior policymakers and stakeholders, leading Russian and international experts. The venue of the workshop will be the World Bank Moscow office, with audiences in the regions of the Russian Federation (Bryansk Oblast, Irkutsk Oblast, Republic of Karelia, Ulyanovsk Oblast, Moscow City, Moscow Oblast, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Penza Oblast, Perm Krai, Republic of Tatarstan) as well as several international speakers connected by video. Live webcast will be provided for a broader Russian and international audience.